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About CVIC Mitaka

Introduction of our hospital

Mitaka Heart Clinic is a cardiovascular clinic of the medical corporation CVIC Group.
About Us
CVIC Group Goals (Mission)
Delivering the latest and best cardiac imaging to as many patients as possible.
Objectives of the CVIC Group
To detect abnormalities in the heart and blood vessels as soon as possible and prevent sudden death.
About CVIC Mitaka We promise to achieve our goals and objectives in a place close to the patient.
・ Cardiac MRI and CT imaging tests will be performed at CVIC Cardiac Imaging Clinic Iidabashi.
・ Please leave the consultation of various echo and electrocardiogram examinations and reservations for medical treatment to our Mitaka Heart Clinic.
Everyone in the Mitaka / Musashino area
As a family doctor of the heart, we aim to be a person who can consult with confidence.
​Cooperation with other medical institutions
Cooperate with regional medical institutions depending on the symptoms. In addition, at Iidabashi, the main hospital of CVIC, you can receive MRI and CT examinations of the heart with peace of mind, along with a track record backed by high skills.
Follow-up and consultation
Ease of access is also important for follow-up and consultation after heart surgery. At CVIC Mitaka Heart Clinic, we will take care of your follow-up with peace of mind in cooperation with the surrounding hospitals.
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