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The prescription given by CVIC is
​ At [Nearest Dispensing Pharmacy] or [Home Delivery]
​ You can receive it

As a general rule, prescriptions given by CVIC can be received at dispensing pharmacies anywhere in the country. There are also dispensing pharmacies that offer a service that allows you to receive your medicine at home without having to go to the dispensing pharmacy. (The following is an example of a track record of requesting delivery to the patient's home at our hospital. We have introduced it for your reference. When delivering medicine, the pharmacist of the dispensing pharmacy in charge will Please be assured that there are regular medication instructions online and on some telephones.)

If you don't know the dispensing pharmacy near you, or if you have a request to check if it can be delivered, please use the link to search for the dispensing pharmacy.


【please note】

We do not know if the dispensing pharmacy that you go to always supports delivery to your home, the delivery cost and method, so please contact the pharmacy directly.

Pharmacy for home delivery of medicine


​※External link

​* External link (PDF)

Todokusuri Pharmacy

Akebono Pharmacy

Fabu Care Pharmacy

・ Target area: Nationwide

・ Shipping / handling: Free

・ Payment method: Credit, convenience store payment, cash on delivery, bank transfer, etc.

・ There is a pharmacist's medication guidance and management, including medicines other than our hospital.

(After registering for use, please tell the receptionist of this hospital that you would like to use it.)


Mitaka Pharmacy 

・ Target area: Nationwide

・ Shipping / Fee: Paid (by courier service)

・ Payment method: Cash on delivery, etc.

​※External link

Search for dispensing pharmacies near your home


Tokyo Medical Institution / Pharmacy Information Service

You can search for dispensing pharmacies in Tokyo

​※External link


Kanagawa Medical Information Retrieval Service

You can search for dispensing pharmacies in Kanagawa prefecture.

​※External link


Chiba Medical Navi

You can search for dispensing pharmacies in Chiba prefecture

​※External link

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