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Personal information protection policy 

CVIC Medical Group complies with Japanese laws and regulations on the protection of personal information and has formulated the following policies.

  • Privacy policy

  1. We will limit the collection of personal information only to the necessary extent.

  2. We will manage personal information accurately and safely.

  3. The purpose of using personal information will be determined separately.

  4. When collecting, using or disclosing personal information for purposes other than the above, the patient's consent is required in advance.

  5. If you have any questions about your personal information, we will respond any time.

  • Use of personal information

  1. Use in clinic

    (a) Provide medical services

    (b) The office used to collect medical expenses.

    (c) The management and operation of the clinic (accounting, internal reports, basic materials, research).

   2.Information provision outside

    (a) In cooperation with other hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, etc., register image information for this purpose.

    (b) Questions and answers from other medical institutions

    (c) When seeking advice from external doctors to treat patients

    (d) When relying on specimen testing

    (e) When explaining medical treatment to family members

   (f) When relying on insurance procedures

   (g) When submitting a receipt to the inspection and payment institution

   (h) When answering inquiries from insurance companies

   (i) Inquiries or notifications from medical groups and insurance companies related to insurance

   (j) Other medical services for patients

  3. Other uses

  (a) Using medical information and treatment progress for research

  (b) When publishing research results and papers at academic conferences

  (c) When the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare and the local government are investigating and auditing

  (d) Basic materials for improving medical services and operations

  (e) Provide information to external audit institutions


CVIC Medical Group Terashima Mashiro


Consultation counter for processing personal information (consulting service / tel: 03-5206-5956)

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